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Monday, August 10, 2015

Plumbing Myths - true or false

Plumbing Myths - true or false
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#1 Placing a brick in the back of your toilet bowl will save water and/or money.

Sounds like a plausible idea. But, bricks will do more damage than good in your toilet.  Bricks belong on houses or sidewalks or pretty fireplaces, not in the toilet! Putting a brick in your toilet may break your flapper, causing you to have to flush twice, thus wasting water. Since water is corrosive, bricks will break apart or crumble - deteriorate over time. Leave them out of your toilet tank to reduce water costs.

#2  Hot grease is liquid and therefore it's okay to put it down the sink

Again, sounds like a good idea but not really in your best plumbing interests. Your best strategy is to wipe out the grease with a paper towel and put it in the garbage can. Or, put grease in freezer until it becomes a solid, and then place it in the trash. Hot grease can coat your pipes, and when it dries it causes a real mess, like a burst pipe or worse.

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