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Monday, August 3, 2015

Plumbing: Two Plumbing Myths About Your Home

 Two Plumbing Mthys About Your Home
The professional plumbers of Medford's own Spartan Plumbing provide a wide range of services for customers. Not only are the employees professional, but they care about their customers and their homes as well. They never leave a mess behind when a job is finished and they keep customers up-to-date with every step of the way of the project.

#1 Water heaters are about to explode if you hear a loud gurgling, rumbling noise.

Most likely not. Stay calm. The sediment from hard water is probably being moved around inside your water heater near the burner on the bottom which is causing loud noises. The noise is really air popping because it cannot rise to the top, due to the sentiment blocking the way. Have a professional plumber come out and drain and flush your water heater on a regular basis.

6) A slow leaking faucet is not a problem.

Not True! Anytime there is a dripping that won’t stop you are increasing your water bill, wasting water, and causing wear and tear on your faucet and plumbing fixtures. If you can’t fix a leak yourself, call in a professional plumber. The longer you put off fixing the leak, the worse (more costly) the solution may become.

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