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Friday, October 30, 2015

Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

Plumbing & Gas Piping Services
DO keep the unit running until there are no more grinding noises and run water for a few seconds afterwards.

DO chop larger pieces of food smaller before disposing it.

DO run the garbage disposal while the dishwasher drains, if the two are connected. The soapy water will clean the unit.

DO NOT put stringy, hard or fibrous materials in the garbage disposal. It should only be used for grinding biodegradable food particles.

DO NOT flush grease or oil down the waste disposal unit’s drain.

Spartan Plumbing offers professional plumbing services in Medford and the surrounding communities of Southern Oregon.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Quality Water Heater Services, Ask A Professional

Quality Water Heater Services, Ask A Professional
What happens when your house runs out of hot water?

Do you wait and let the hot water tank warm up warm water? What if the hot water tank is not able to warm up the water properly? If you are having this problem in your home, then you need to seek a professional plumber in Rogue Valley who will be able to come to your home and see what the problem may be.

Spartan Plumbing will be able to assist you with service and ensure your hot water tank is fully functioning to not leave you with no hot water. We provide comprehensive plumbing services for your home or business.

We understand the importance of home comforts and that’s why we repair and replace gas, electric and propane water heaters.  Since building codes and technology constantly change, we ensure that our technicians have the most current training possible.

Electric water heaters require additional skills in the plumbing industry and present a unique array of safety hazards. Spartan Plumbing plumbers are trained to provide you with licensed, experienced installation services.

Gas is the most efficient heat source to supply your hot water heater needs and Spartan Plumbing professinals have the required training and experience to solve any issues with your water heater.

Let us show you what to do when your water heater runs out. Gives us a call at 500-1787.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Plumbing: resolving grease trap issues

Plumbing: resolving  grease trap issues
When you are looking for plumbing in Medford, there are many different options that you can go with. From all the specialized plumbing services, focusing on your home, to focusing on your business plumbing to detect any problems, give Spartan Plumbing a call at 500-1787.

Having provided plumbing services in Southern Oregon for many, many years we have the experience to fix any problem and will make sure that you will not be stuck with any plumbing problems in your home or your office. We are able to pinpoint any problems and fix them to avoid any serious issues.

Don’t let your home or restaurant establishment suffer from any grease trap problems. Make sure that you have your grease trap service maintained regularly. Contact Spartan Pumbing today to speak with one of our representatives who will be able to assist you with all your  grease trap service needs.

From residential to commercial we offer professional plumbing services in Medford we can help you with your grease trap service problems today. You will be completely satisfied with the service that you get. 
At Spartan Plumbing we focus on specific tasks ranging from water damage issues in your home and office, to finding out why certain pipes are drained and clogged. You will receive accurate information pertaining to your problems and with our team. Our  services also include emergency plumbing services in the Rogue Valley area.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Plumbing: water pipe repair

Plumbing: water pipe repair
Many homes are outfitted entirely with plastic water piping, starting at the water meter and continuing throughout the house.

Whether you have pvc, cpvc, PEX, or gray polybutylene (gray poly), we can locate and perform your pipe leak repair, problem-free. Whether it is located behind your sheetrock walls, above your ceilings, under your floors, or in your yard, we will find the leak and eliminate it, leaving you with a full warranty in the process (exception: gray polybutylene repairs).

Gray polybutylene is nearly identical in composition to blue polybutylene, with the only exception being that gray poly was used solely inside your home, rather than outside in the ground.

It does, however, display all of the faults and risks associated with blue poly: pinholes, breaks, pipe leaks, and splits are potential issues for homeowners that is still equipped with gray poly.

At Spartan Plumbing we do make repairs to your gray poly piping.  Call us today at 500-1787.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Comprehensive Plumbing Services: water, sewer and gas lines

Comprehensive Plumbing Services: water, sewer and gas lines
When you work with Spartan Plumbing, you will always receive the most cost efficient solution to your water, sewer and gas line problem. We make an effort to educate you about the best solutions. We will not push you to buy a service or product you do not need. If the plumbing issue or gas piping issue can be solved with a simple repair, we will let you know. In most cases, a professional repair will have your water and/or gas system back to normal and cost you much less than a replacement solution.

Call us today to learn more and get a free estimate: 500-1787.

#1 Water Line Repair
If your waterline is leaking, it can significantly increase your water bills or flood your lawn. New plumbing technologies are much less invasive and have little to no affect on your landscaping or property. The sooner you get your waterline repaired, the better.

#2 Water Heater Services
Broken or inefficient water heaters are a frustrating hassle with which you shouldn't have to live. We offer fast and effective repairs and installations for heating systems, regardless of whether it's a gas-powered, electric or tankless water heater.

#3 Faucets and Sinks
If you are in need of any faucet or sink replacements, repairs or upgrades, our plumbing technicians will have the job done in no time at all.

#4 Gas Line Repair
Our plumbers perform gas line repairs, installations, additions and code upgrades for residential and commercial properties. If it is an emergency, we will get out to your location to fix the problem as soon as possible.

#5 Sewage Ejector Pumps/Sump Pumps
If you are experiencing flooding, bad odors, strange noises, etc., then it's likely your pump is failing and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Plumbing: Five Water & Gas Safety Tips

Plumbing: Five Water & Gas Safety Tips
1.  Water Heater & Furnace Flue Pipe
Devices which burn natural gas, such as your furnace and water heater, produce harmful gases which must be vented away to the chimney by the flue pipes. A quick exterior visual inspection of your home’s flue pipes will make sure that there are no obvious visible problems with these most critical safety components. Plumbers realize that a basic inspection will not reveal problems with the insides of the flue pipes or chimney.

2. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

It is 'mission critical' that your home is protected by working CO detectors. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is produced when natural gas in your furnace and water heater is burned off. There are many things that can prevent gases from exiting properly, and for this reason CO detectors are imperative. Should a problem occur, CO detectors can warn you and your family (much like a smoke detector) before harm is done.

3.  Approved Appliance Gas Connectors
In some older homes, flexible appliance gas plumbing connectors (gas stove, dryer, oven) may not meet current safety standards. Old connectors can break, allowing a dangerous gas leak to occur. Inspecting gas connectors visually can verify if they are the approved, modern type.

4. Operable Main Water Shutoff Valve
In the event of a water related emergency, it is extremely important that the main water supply can be quickly shut off where it enters the house. The ability to shut off water quickly can mean the difference between an inconvenience and a plumbing catastrophe. It is important to locate and tag your main valve, and check to be sure you are able to operate it yourself. If not, look into turn ball valves, which are not only easier to operate than old-fashioned valves, it's simple to tell if the valve is open or closed by looking at the handle.

5. Braided Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses
Few people , but most plumbers, realize that one of the most common causes of property-damage related insurance claims is a failed washing machine supply hose. These unassuming devices are usually hidden in the dark recesses behind our laundry machines, and are seldom if ever thought about until they fail. Stainless steel washing machine water supply hoses are the type recommended by insurance companies, and will minimize the chances of this common problem happening to you.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Commercial Plumber In Medford, Oregon

Commercial Plumber In Medford, Oregon
A business simply cannot function without a fully operational plumbing system. If you are having problems with your pipes or plumbing appliances, depend on our licensed master plumbers at Spartan Plumbing.

We provide design services along with installation, maintenance, and comprehensive plumbing repair for commercial establishments. Whether you need a leaky faucet repaired or sewer line replacement, Spartan Plumbing does it all.

At Spartan Plumbing our extensive services cover all your commercial plumbing needs. Spartan plumbers are certified and experienced professionals and work hard to provide you with a non-stressful commercial plumbing solution.

Call our office today to learn more about how we will assist your project with our expertise: 500-1787.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Plumbing: save water, eliminate water leaks

Plumbing: save water, eliminate water leaks
At Spartan Plumbing our technicians are trained to use non-destructive techniques to detect leaks in your plumbing system.

We use tools and technology that are non-invasive. To find the leak we don't need to destroy what you already have in place.  There are three signs that can indicate you have a water leak:

    1. receiving higher than usual water bills
    2. hearing running water indoors when faucets are turned off
    3. needing to constantly refill the pool

If you are experiencing any of these or any other indicators, you may have a water leak. Give us a call,  500-1787, and our technicians can detect your plumbing leak and get it repaired.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Plumbing subcontracting services - reliable and superior quality

Plumbing subcontracting services - reliable and superior quality
Call today to learn more about our plumbing subcontracting services.

Your local Medford plumbers at Spartan Plumbing feature a team of professionals. Whether you need plumbing design and install for a commercial project, or someone experienced in water heater repair we have you covered. Our full range of services and solutions guarantee your long term peace of mind on all your plumbing needs.

At Spartan Plumbing, we believe that every customer deserves respect. That is why our professional staff provides a strong commitment to delivering the best in customer service in Jackson County. Our entire plumbing operation is geared to provide professional, top quality, value added plumbing solutions at competitive rates. Our staff and technicians are motivated to deliver expert plumbing solutions with courtesy and precision.