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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Plumbing: water pipe repair

Plumbing: water pipe repair
Many homes are outfitted entirely with plastic water piping, starting at the water meter and continuing throughout the house.

Whether you have pvc, cpvc, PEX, or gray polybutylene (gray poly), we can locate and perform your pipe leak repair, problem-free. Whether it is located behind your sheetrock walls, above your ceilings, under your floors, or in your yard, we will find the leak and eliminate it, leaving you with a full warranty in the process (exception: gray polybutylene repairs).

Gray polybutylene is nearly identical in composition to blue polybutylene, with the only exception being that gray poly was used solely inside your home, rather than outside in the ground.

It does, however, display all of the faults and risks associated with blue poly: pinholes, breaks, pipe leaks, and splits are potential issues for homeowners that is still equipped with gray poly.

At Spartan Plumbing we do make repairs to your gray poly piping.  Call us today at 500-1787.

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