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Friday, September 25, 2015

Plumbing System Education: 2 systems, one valve, and cleaning your water

Plumbing System Education: 2 systems, one valve, and cleaning your water
Plumbing services are many and varied. the two main components of plumbing systems at your home are a drain-waste-vent systems and a water service systems. The water service system contains water that is fit for human use and consumption, which is potable water.

Your water meter just gauges the water consumption, which will be used by your utility company for billing.

A gate valve, which is the main shutoff valve, is meant to allow you to turn on or off water flow. You may need to turn off water supply to your house if you need repairs done or any emergency. Water closets and toilet tanks also have these shutoff valves. These are useful in turning off the water to your toilet independently of the entire water system.
Your water supply pipes are located underneath the ground, and as a result of water flow and contact with the earth, organisms and minerals in the earth, they get filled with sediment over time and get rusted.

Something to consider when consuming your water ......

What about cleaning your water supply?

.....using tap water when cooking or drinking directly from the tap is never advisable. Water filters should be used or alternatively choose the best solution, which is to change steel pipes to copper pipes. The water supply system pipe should be small in diameter so as to regulate and lower the pressure from the water main to a pressure that will be sustained by toilets and sinks in the home.

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