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Friday, September 11, 2015

Plumbing - winter tips for reducing plumbing services

Plumbing - winter tips for reducing plumbing services
We may not feel it just yet, but Fall is here and soon we’ll be in the grips of cooler weather. What does it mean for your home? It means that now’s the time to take care of repairs and maintenance before Winter wreaks havoc on your plumbing system. Our list of Fall Plumbing Tips will help you avoid most, if not all, emergency plumbing call-outs.

You can probably take care of many of these maintenance measures yourself, provided you have some DIY experience, but if not, rather get in touch with Spartan Plumbing.

Every year, many of our clients end up paying more than they should, because of failed DIY efforts that end up in major plumbing issues, or emergencies that are more costly than had they called us from the start.

Fall Plumbing Made Easy
Here are some of our top fall plumbing maintenance guidelines you should start on right now....

Shut Off the Sprinklers
Now is the time to shut off your sprinkler system before the cold weather sets in. You should also drain garden hoses and any open faucets. If you know how to drain the sprinkler system, go ahead and do it now, or else, give us a call if you’re unsure.

Inspect the Sump Pump
Sump pumps should be cleaned and inspected twice a year at a minimum. A backed up and frozen sump pump is one of the worst winter plumbing emergencies you can imagine.

Clear the Gutters
Regular cleaning is important when it comes to gutters, but the added volume of fallen leaves, rain water, and the snow of winter can place additional strain that leads to clogs. Should your gutters freeze, water can’t drain throughout winter and it will end up ruining your gutters.

Insulate Doors and Windows
If your windows and doors are not properly insulated, they will allow precious heat to escape from the home. Keep your home warm and reduce energy costs by checking for leaks and sealing it now during fall.

Check All Appliances
It’s important to check all your water using appliances on a regular basis, but it’s even more important to check them for leaks before the freezing season arrives. Look at the hoses, drains and filters on your washing machine, dishwasher and refrigerator for clogs, leaks, cracks and bulges. If need be, replace plastic pipes with stainless steel mesh hoses.

Inspect the Water Heater
At the start of fall, it is important to drain the water heater to prevent sediment from building up and causing rust. Preventing your hot water heater from freezing in the cold months is crucial. You can do this by installing an insulating blanket in which you can wrap the water heater in fall. Most home improvement stores stock insulating blankets and they are easy to install.

Inspect Exposed Pipes
Have a look around your home, particularly in crawl spaces and in the basement for exposed pipes. Buy pipe insulation tape or pool noodles to insulate the exposed pipes before the cold temperatures set in.

Winter’s cold temperatures, when combined with holiday cooking, and more house guests than usual, can lead to increased pressure on a plumbing system. For those reasons, winter is the busiest time of the year for us here at Spartan Plumbing.  Don’t delay, get started with your plumbing changes for winter today. If you need help, call us at 541 500-1787.

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  1. I only check the sump pump once a year. Now I guess I will start to check it twice a year. Would right before and after winter be okay enough?