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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Toliets - an every day water consumption device

Toliets - a basic water consumption device
Which make, model, size and color is your best option?

Smaller, rounded toilets are more compact and easier to fit into smaller spaces; while elongated toilets require more floor space. Both types have pros and cons that make them suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

Most toilets consist of two pieces, a tank and a bowl, which are bolted together when installed. However, you can also find seamless models that combine the bowl and tank into one piece. Toilet designs also vary, so your budget will generally determine your choice.

When determining the right toilet for you, keep in mind that although toilets appear similar, they can differ in length, width, and height. It is very important to make sure that the new toilet lines up with existing drain found on the floor under the base of the toilet. If the drain does not line up it can be costly to fix. Measurements vary between 10" - 12" from the wall; 14" models can generally be obtained by special order.

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Don't forget to measure the height of the toilet, especially if there are shelves above the tank. The easiest way to measure, is from the floor to the bottom shelve. This will determine whether you will have to buy a toilet with a lower height.

Here are some other questions to consider when choosing a new toilet:

Are all brands the same?

How many liters of water dose the tank hold, are all flushing systems the same?

How can water that drips from the toilet be prevented?

Will I save money regardless which toilet I buy?

A number of plumbing brands offer a wide range of superior quality toilets with high performance flush systems and 6 liter tanks. Various water-efficient models use as little as about a gallon of water per flush, which results in an average of about 20% less water usage - that means that you may qualify for rebate. Use less water, save money - it pays to conserve water.

Superior flush systems can keep even the busiest toilet virtually clog-free, so plunging can become a thing of the past. Toilet tanks feature inside liners that virtually eliminate excess sweat from the toilet; hence, a dryer floor. Companies that manufacture toilets usually have warranty coverage up to 10 years depending on the toilet, which is also a money saver.

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